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    I want to buy the Iphone today and use it for a month by activating it. I will NOT update to 1.1.1 because I have read what it does. I will make sure I have 1.0.2 on it. Can I unlock the phone after the activation?? I want to take this phone with me overseas (India) and put their sim card so I can use it there. Also, how would I use the same phone with At&T again in USA after the trip.

    Please share your thoughts...Thanks

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    if the new phone you buy comes with 1.1.1, i don't believe you can unlock it just yet. they won't give you a choice as to which firmware you want on it lol. if it does come with 1.0.2, you can unlock it and everything. as far as using it when you come back over here, i believe all you have to do is switch the sim card back to whatever service you'll be using when you return.

    this is gathered from what i've read around the site...poke around through the threads, they go a bit more in depth.
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    Thanks for the reply. I am picking up my phone today. Hopefully it will have a 1.0.2 on it. If it's 1.1.1 then I will activate it for now and wait for the hack for this version.

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    Or.. you could downgrade by using the guide found HERE!!!!


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