Hello all,
I thought I would post to put this information out there in case it helps anyone out. sorry if this is posted elsewhere.

Recently I added a new app on my jailbroken iphone. The app wasn't working nicely with other apps so I was disabling items under SBSettings / Mobile Substrate add ons.

After disabling two items which I thought were just installed the phone started an infinite boot loop. aarrggg!!!

so after a little research on the web and trying everything under the sun I found a simple solution that fixed my problem.

I'm not saying this will solve every infinite boot loop problem, but it will allow you to toggle the Mobile Substrate add-ons by using Winscp.

Since my phone was setup so I can use WinSCP and I have my router at home always give this device the same IP address I was able to get into the device during a few minute windows on each reboot.

I navigated to Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries

there I could see the items I had just disabled. The filenames had an extension as: .disabled
so i noted all the other items had an extension of .dylib

I simple renamed the filename extension on the two items I had disabled from .disabled to .dylib

on the next reboot my phone started up fine.

Thought this might help and just to help out with another tool in your toolbox.

see attached image if you need to.