I have an iPhone 4 GSM that I try to jailbreak with Evasi0n. I've tried it on 7.0.4 and now on 7.0.6 with a modified Evasi0n on both Mac and Windows with the same result.

Before beginning I set my phone in DFU-mode and restore with Shift in iTunes. After it is installed I set up the phone as a new one.

Now I start Evasi0n, and everything works fine until the last reboot, when it says Done in the Evasi0n app the phone is just rebooting. You see the Apple for 20 seconds, then the screen flickers and it starts over.

I never get to the white screen with Evasi0n installing everything.

I have not updated the phone OTA at all.

What do you suggest? I have tried 10 times, with the same result, on both Mac and PC.

Please help!