Folks, after searching enough on google, I have landed in this forum with hope. My mom has an iPad 2 which says 'iPad is disabled Connect to iTunes". She uses it daily and knows password by heart, so it's not a bad password lock. Also, it was charged fully day before last good use and same day evening it was found to be disabled. So, it's not a battery drain case either. Either way, I want o restore it without losing any data (she has written lot of history about her family lineage etc).

Current state - battery 90%; no wireless icon though wireless is on (we never turn it off); OS version is not known but I am pretty sure it's 5.x (I changed my last laptop in April 2013, and this laptop has no backup of iPad, so I never connected iPad with my new laptop). The last upgrade I remember making to iPad with my old laptop was 5). Btw, when I replaced my laptop, I took backup of iTunes data under My Music folder, but didn't know that real backup is buried in a system folder (cursing Apple). I copied iTunes data to my new laptop and I can see iPad apps in iTunes. Is it anyway possible to create a backup from the iTunes data, so iPad can recognize it as a friendly computer.

There's a very nice post given here but it's pretty old and says the method will work with 4.x.x. Will this method work with my iPad? Any other forums / posts / links please?

Appreciate any help.