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Thread: iPhone 4 - Serious Problems Created By A Noob.

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    Default iPhone 4 - Serious Problems Created By A Noob.
    Hi all I know this is my first post here but I have previously been a member of other forums so I know and understand the etiquette, including spending some time as an Administrator of the forum-based logo design team DesignComplete. I think they are now inactive however we did have a good 2 year stretch designing logos and signatures for gamers in their forums. I am new to phone modification as I have never had the money to play around with this stuff in case I were to brick my phone, as I fear I have done with this one.

    I purchased an iPhone 4 the other day from eBay on the basis that it was a spares/repairs with an error 21 message. No other information such as history was provided. After some research I purchased a new battery from Amazon feeling this was the most probable cause of the error. I connected the iPhone to iTunes to confirm the symptoms of the phone. It would only power on when connected via USB, it showed the Recovery Mode screen (USB connector with an arrow to iTunes) and when attempting to restore gave the error 2001 (Mac) and 21 (Windows).

    The phone had some other issues such as sponey lock button and home button so I spent the last few days repairing these. The lock button is now okay thanks to a make shift spacer, however I feel the home button may be broken. As it took a few days to carry out the repairs with the time available to me to dedicate to it the phone has lay dismantled on my desk for some time.

    So the new battery came today, which I fitted during the rebuild of the phone. When connected to iTunes in Windows and attempted to restore the same errors were given. I researched this further and altered my hosts file by clearing it completely. This gave rise to a new error when restoring, error 3194. So I re-inserted my original data into my hosts file and added the lines for apple's servers. This then gave me error 3002.

    Frustrated and having read something about entering DFU mode to help with the restore, my attempts to boot into DFU mode were failing as my LCD is now broken due to my noobish mistake of having bent the ribbon cable and my broken home button. My only sign the phone was still working was the backlight.

    I then read a few other articles about using Redsn0w to create an IPSW with which I could boot into DFU after restore.


    I decided that as my iPhone 4 GSM's most vanilla iOS was 4.0.0 (as according to Redsn0w) I would downgrade the device from whatever firmware it was on now to the original and start fresh. I used the restore option in Redsn0w to restore the iPhone, which was carried out successfully. However when asked for blobs for this firmware version I couldn't provide any as I have not jailbroken the device previously and they weren't available remotely.

    The iPhone is now stuck in a loop where it only does anything when connected via USB, and even then all it does is cycle power on for roughly 15 seconds then power off for 15 seconds. It will not be detected by iTunes, Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze, TinyUmbrella or even Windows. I fear I may have well and truly FUBAR'd this phone.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    P.S Sorry about the essay!

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    I am sure that there is a Way to fix it.....but, time, effort, money, to do so.....much to expensive. So, my verdict would be, R.I.P, sorry

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    Thanks for the reply, I did buy it as a simple repair job. Do you honestly think it would be a total loss? I don't mind breaking even for the sake of knowledge so I have a budget of roughly 30 quid left :/

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    Not enough, even if you have all the time in the world, however, for the sake of knowledge......ok, why not......I just think, all the cost.....would be probably enough for decent, used, fully functional, sim free, iphone 4

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    If I were to buy a replacement mobo for it would this create a problem? I think this might work being as it's the software I've fried in this one?

    If I were to pick up a replacement, is there anything I need to bare in mind? Ie. GSM model or production dates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bliitzer View Post
    If I were to buy a replacement mobo for it would this create a problem? I think this might work being as it's the software I've fried in this one?

    If I were to pick up a replacement, is there anything I need to bare in mind? Ie. GSM model or production dates?
    If you're at the point where you're considering a new logic board, you might as well swallow hard and get a replacement model from Apple at around a hundred twenty-five quid... since you probably also need a new LCD if your ribbon cable is shot, too.

    However, all may not be lost, as those two last errors (3194 and 3002) are related to a lack of SHSH blobs, or the signature files for your device and a particular firmware (totally understandable, iOS 4.0 is three-plus years old and Apple only signs the newest firmware version).

    Try iOS 7.0.4 just for kicks (assuming you can get the device to connect via USB), if that doesn't do it, then you're probably looking at a brick.

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