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Thread: Two months with stuck battery/charging issue! Please chime in!

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    Default Two months with stuck battery/charging issue! Please chime in!
    I really need some guidance here, I thought I could live it this until a jailbreak is out for ios7 or something but it seems like it's not going to be anytime soon. I have an iphone 5 that's jailbroken with evasion on 6.1.2 and I've patiently waited out on ios7 because I love my tweaks. Currently, my problem is that my battery percentage is usually stuck at one number for sometimes days. The phone will also restart on and off, even though it's plugged in and charging. When the battery is completely dead and I don't know how to tell, it will turn right back on instantly if I plug it in, but turns off and on until I unplug. At the same time it still charges and sometimes even after I unplug it, it will turn off and on every few minutes until it stops doing so.

    I also want to mention that my battery is loose, if i shake it, I can hear it move around but it's been like that since I got it in April, I know the glue came off and haven't done anything about it but I should..

    I have the following mods on it from Cydia (which i update), perhaps one of these mods are making this happen but it's frustrating because it just all happened one day out of the blue, I haven't recently tinkered with mods before it happened:

    auxo beta
    badge customizor
    ios 7 theme
    nc settings
    pull to refresh
    record n torch
    weekillbackground pro
    3g unrestrictor
    colorpads 2
    doodle messages
    ios7 keyboard black
    slide to unlock killer
    mobile terminal

    I hope someone can give me some direction here or some insight, should I just bite the bullet and upgrade to ios7?

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    My first inclination would be to open the phone (or take it to someone who is skilled with iPhone repair, possibly including Apple but that'll mean removing/hiding the jailbreak and/or going to iOS 7) and check the battery connectors along with the battery itself. As far as I am aware, the battery percentage is handled at the OS level by a special UART (/dev/uart.gas-gauge). The kernel shouldn't actually have all that much to do with it...

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