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Thread: Downgrade iPhone 4S

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    Default Downgrade iPhone 4S
    Had my iPhone 4S jailbroken, all was working fine. Had my carrier unlock the phone for me, but to do this I had to set the phone up as new with Apple, which upgraded the firmware to 7.0.3

    I did not know anything prior to this about saving "blobs" shsh files etc.

    I tried a 6.12 that was on the net but apparently the files with Cydia were corrupt or something and are unusable.

    Is a blob or shsh file saved from one phone usable on a different phone? Are these available elsewhere?

    Sorry if my references are out, just trying to explain what I have read.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Bad news incoming (sorry!).

    1) SHSH blobs are unique per-device. The blobs are issued to a specific number, the ECID, that is tied to the specific processor in your phone. Blobs for another ECID won't work.

    2) SHSH blobs are also unique per restore. The blobs are designed to work with an effectively random number, called a nonce, that is freshly regenerated by the processor each time you start a restore request. Blobs with a different nonce (i.e., from a previous restore) won't work either.

    3) The blobs are only available from Apple. While they can be cached elsewhere for later use, such stored blobs are of very limited use for a 4S (due to the one-time random number). Apple, as a rule, only signs blobs for the very latest version of iOS at any particular time.

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