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Thread: Problems with Semi Restore. Beware!

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    Default Problems with Semi Restore. Beware!
    Anyone else have problems with Semi Restore? It just effed up my 4S 6.1.2 It seems to have "restored" it to a "stock" jailbroken state (which is what it was supposed to) but after launching Itunes it failed to reload any of my apps. I can see them in Itunes and it says they are to be installed, but they never do. Also, though Cydia is visible and can be loaded, none of the apps I downloaded actually worked. There are issues with all of them. So now I appear to have lost all my apps and all my data, including some stuff (like recordings I made) that may be irreplaceable.

    In retrospect, Semi Restore seems pretty sketchy. To start with, there are at least two "official" download locations, both with different versions. There is very little instruction online (other than to make sure you have APT 0.7 Strict and OpenSSH installed, which I did). There are only a couple instructional tutorial videos online and most seem to be the repeated copy of someone using the Beta version. Another version shows someone "demonstrating" it on a phone that isn't jailbroken and can't actually be used on. There is no troubleshooting information, user forums, comments, or any other information I can find online, which is very very strange considering how useful this appears to be.

    So to put out a warning to others out there to proceed with caution (if at all) until more information becomes available...

    And secondly, if anyone has successfully run this and/or troubleshooted similar problems, please do share!

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    Update: I ended up having to re-download the apps directly from Apple. In most but not all cases the app data was still present on my phone and the app picked up where it left off. Frankly I'm not sure if the app data was SUPPOSED to be left on the phone (seems like it defeats the purpose of a "semi-restore") but in my case I was very happy this it was. About 1/3 of my apps did not have their data saved and when I re-downloaded them they started the scratch. I lost some data from a few apps, but overall I was able to keep the most important stuff. In the end, Semi-Restore ended up being a good strategy, though it came at a bit of a cost.

    I'm still not sure why there is so little written about it online in terms of instructions and troubleshooting, but it did end up doing what I wanted.

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