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Thread: Difference between "Reset all Settings" and "Erase all Content and Settings"? JB safe?

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    Default Difference between "Reset all Settings" and "Erase all Content and Settings"? JB safe?
    I am trying to determine the difference between these two options. I know that "Erase all Content and Settings" will wipe the phone clean and restore it to factory settings. This is not only delete all my data, but also remove my jailbreak.

    However, I'm less clear about "Reset all Settings". Information on the internet regarding these two is extremely conflicted and I think many don't aren't even aware there is a difference.

    I have seen many threads where people who own jailbroken phones claim to "Reset all Settings" on a fairly regular basis to remove glitches, improve speed, etc. But there are just as many people who claim it will "brick the phone". I'm inclined to believe those who have actually done this successfully, but risking a problem with the phone is not something I really want to do.

    Does anyone where have personal experience with these two on a jailbroken phone?

    For the record, I am considering "Reset all Settings" because I have a missing app on my phone. It disappeared after updating it and while it is still in iTunes on my computer, and everything still appears to be there in iFile, I cannot find it in searchlight and neither can I re-download it. I have read elsewhere that "Reset all Settings" will fix this, though those instructions were not given for a jailbroken phone.


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    I would advise against running "Reset All Settings" on the iPhone. Instead, try Semi-Restore or iLEX R.A.T., those programs are jailbreak-safe (all the way up to their "erase everything" options) and see if that helps with your errant application.

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    Thanks for the advice.

    I tried Semi-Restore.

    It seemed promising, and it did "restore" my phone. However I am now left with no apps, and I can't get them to sync. They are in Itunes but cannot be moved onto the phone.

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    Semi Restore has officially effed up my phone. All my apps are gone and cannot be restored to the phone.

    I'm inclined to think there is something a little suspect about Semi Restore. Despite the fact that it's been out officially for two months and seems incredibly promising, there is almost nothing available about it online. There are really only a couple tutorials (of the beta version) and a couple web releases about it. No tips, user comments and experiences, almost nothing.

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