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Thread: iphone 4s stuck with 26 gb of other-- Help!!!

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    Default iphone 4s stuck with 26 gb of other-- Help!!!

    As mentioned above, I'm on an iphone 4s, jailbroken, running 6.1.2. I recently got a new laptop, and I wanted to switch libraries for my iphone, if that makes sense. I am able to connect to itunes and sync my iphone on the new laptop, but I can't put anything on it for some strange reason. I read about being able to sync to multiple libraries by changing the 'library persistent key' or something like that, using a program called Hexedit. I tried that, but it didn't work. Somehow in the process, I accidentally deleted my iTunes Library file and iTunes Music Library file in my Users/Music/My Music/iTunes folder. Once I realized what I'd done, I retrieved those files from the Recycle Bin (thankfully I hadn't emptied the bin yet) and restored them to their proper place. All of my music in itunes had been erased when I deleted the file, but putting it back also brought all of the music back. However, to make matters worse, my iphone was plugged in to the computer while I was doing all of this, and all of my music disappeared. Now, instead though, when I open itunes, it says that my iphone has 26.3 gb of 'Other', which is roughly the size of the music I had on there. I'm thinking that the music is still on there but has been pushed to 'Other' and is not allowing me to access it. Also, I still can't add anything to the iphone in itunes. I'm afraid to do a restore because I heard my iphone will get stuck since it's been jailbroken.

    Any help in solving this mystery would be greatly appreciated. Everything else seems fine with the phone. All apps, contacts, photos, etc. are functioning normally. The main problem is not being able to add anything onto the phone in itunes and the 26 gb of 'Other.'

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    If ya restore ya phone it won't git stuck but you will lose ya jailbreak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2k1 View Post
    If ya restore ya phone it won't git stuck but you will lose ya jailbreak.
    I guess I'd be alright with that for now. There's bound to be another update/jailbreak for Cydia in the future, right? There usually is. But barring that... is there a work-around for the problem I'm having? Also, according to Cydia's help with jail breaking page, since Apple released 6.1.3, any attempt to upgrade/downgrade/restore a jailbroken iPhone will fail. Is this info not current?

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    Hi, I'm sure I have heard of this other/song issue before. First make sure you have your songs saved on your PC, then backup and delete the three MediaLibrary.sqlitedb files at Directory
    Reboot and open the music app and it should say you have no music, now resync with iTunes.
    iTunes should see this other as your music and resync quite quickly.

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