Recovery loop. iPhone 3G. Quite sure it was jailbroke before. Cannot manage DFU mode. iTunes gives recovery error 1015 unknown error.

Cannot get into DFU mode.

Have tried Redn0w, Tinyumbrella, Pwnage, blackra1n and several others that arenít coming to mind. NOTHING is recognizing my device.

Cannot get into DFU mode. Sorry for repeating, but no matter what combination or tool I use, cannot get the device into DFU mode.

iTunes recognizes my device, tries to restore but ends up with error 1015.

Tried creating custom ipsw, tried restoring with several ipsw files. Did not save BLOBS as is not my phone.

Issues started after erase all content and settings.

iTunes will detect, computers will detect (makes sound when plugging in). Have tried several different windows computers, windows xp, vista and windows 7. Three computers have had fresh installs of itunes and no jailbreaking history, one computer was brand new out of the box.

What else have I tried? Probably as much as I have been able to find in my hours of searching the net for assistance.

Phone will not boot, stays in recovery mode, cannot enter into DFU mode (or multiple installs of redsn0w and Tinyumbrella on different workstations have not detected DFU mode on this phone). Power and home do work. Have tried different data cables. Can get other idevices into dfu mode without issue. Iím just looking to restore this device, I do not need it jailbroken.

Any help would be appreciated.