I have a JB iPhone 5 running 6.1.2. I backed up some stuff using iFile and next thing I know I'm no longer activated.

  • The iphone is a factory unlocked iPhone 5. I'm on AT&T. SIM card works fine in my old iphone 3GS.
  • I have a full backup of the iPhone pre problem including all files in the lockdown folder.
  • I can still SSH into the iphone via wifi (wifi now only works on unsecured network - can't connect to any networks that require a password)
  • I can't run any apps but cydia extensions seem to be working (not cydia apps though and not cydia itself).

I can enter DFU mode fine and iTunes asks me to restore...but I REALLY don't want to lose my jailbreak! Anyone have any ideas? I'm desperate!

data_ark.plist has the following (getting rid of items that are personal and/or not relevant):