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Thread: Restore a deleted system file

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    Default Restore a deleted system file
    I was stuffing around with ifile and deleted an important file from iphone5 Now my Cydia, settings ,appstore,,calendar, mail etc are missing.

    I'm currently overseas. Is there some way I can figure out what file I deleted. can I then use something like I iexplorer from a PC to add back the missing file from the firmware file

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    at first i thought it was stuffed because my phone was only viewable as a camera. but after installing the latest itunes I can now use iexplorer to browse my phone.

    I am backing up using iexplorer

    any tips for getting a new ios file to replace the deleted one? download ios somewhere?

    also i think this thread may be in the wrong section?
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    would i be right in guessing that i have deleted a file from /system/library which is the database that locates the the essential apps (which are still on my phone but cannot be accessed except through iexplorer) ie appstore; setting; calendar etc

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    Default progress
    after some research i found ifile automatically saves deleted files under /var/mobile/library/ifile/trash

    looks like i deleted a few things: folders = applications, library system, private... full of stuff. now to figure out how to restore it using iexplorer


    lols. looks like i deleted the entire /applications directory. its taking a bit of time to move it back into the root/ ... been copying for about 3 hrs now.... very slow computer...
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    If someone is reading my ramblings and you can think of a better forum where some gurus might be able to help me please tell me where to go.

    I've recovered all my icons but it seems that all the default apps close straight away (settings calendar, mail photos camera etc).

    all the installed apps seem to work although some of the registrations seem to have reset. Cydia and sbsettings(the settings app not the swipe menu) also seem to open for a split second.

    Edit: I know now that i'm just talking to myself.

    after some reading I used ifunbox ssh "chmod -R 0755 /applications/"

    seemed to fix most things. cydia is still not loading.
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