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I have a blue color set that I bought a half a year ago (warranty was over so why not right...?). Is there anything I could do without going to Apple?
Yeah, definitely would NOT go to Apple with a non-original housing in there. Not only will you probably not get it back, you may hurt a Genius's delicate sensibilities about what an Apple product should be.

If going to Apple is out of the question, about the only thing I can think of is replacing the baseband chip, which pretty much necessitates replacing the entire main logic board... good luck finding a legitimate logic board. The only ones I'm seeing are a very sketchy Chinese marketplace selling them in bunches of five or eBay sellers of varying honesty (MLB partially busted, IMEI blacklisted, etc., for north of $100). Also it's worth noting that even if you take out your custom housing and take your iPhone in for repairs in the future, the mismatched serial numbers between what's stamped on the phone, what the phone reports, and what's on the SIM tray are going to set off HUGE alarm bells at Apple, probably to the point where they'll refuse to do the swap on possible fraud grounds.

Personally, I'd just swap the housings back to stock (or just remove them and take it in au naturelle, see if they'll go for it) and get the $200 swap, unless you know a trustworthy local third-party vendor.