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Thread: Need Help / I Am So Frustrated!

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    Default Need Help / I Am So Frustrated!
    Hey everyone, I am so frustrated with my iphone =( I was hesitant about upgrading from my stable 1.1.2, but decided to take the plunge. So, I restored the iphone to 1.1.4 thru iTunes and then used ziphone to jailbreak and activate it. By the way, I am using a MAC.

    • First try: (Restored/Jailbreak/Activate) Everything worked except, no carrier signal
    • Second try: (Restored/Jailbreak/Activate) Was not able to activate or get a carrier signal
    • Third try: (Restored/Unlock/Jailbreak/Activate) Got carrier signal, but remained inactivated
    • Fourth try: (Restored/Refurbish/Jailbreak/Activate) Got carrier signal, but remained inactivated
    • Fifth try: I AM DONE SIMPLY GAVE UP!

    Please can anyone figure this out. It sucks not having a phone!

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    u want to unlock too or ur using att????

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    I just want to jailbreak and activate the phone. I am a ATT user already. The funny thing is that I can receive calls, but the only thing that show on my screen is the "cable pointing at the iTunes logo", so I can't access any features on the phone. Strange....

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    ok ur not supossed to activat the phone by ziphone
    all u have to do is restor and activat ur phone by itunes as a new phone after that just jailbreak throw ziphone / no unlock or actvat

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    If i don't activate it, then I'll be forced to sign a two year contract with ATT. I don't want that.

    So, is this the proper steps I'm taking:
    1. Go into recovery mode and restore thru Itunes
    2. Close out itunes
    3. Open ziphone and just jailbreak
    4. Open itunes, plug the iphone and select "new phone"

    I never get this option in the 4th step. It asks me to go through the activation process with ATT instead.

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    arent you on AT&T? you have to activate with itunes.
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    I am a ATT user, but if I activate it thru iTunes, wouldn't I have to sign up a contract with them? I bought this phone from someone and all I had to do was take my sim from my blackberry and poped it into the iphone and I was good to go. Didn't have to activate it what so ever. Just Selected "new phone" and not "backed-up user".

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    no just try to activate it by itnes
    and after that jailbrak

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    on ziphone under "Advanced" click on jailbreak and activate .. leave the unlock option unchecked..
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