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Thread: iTunes, iPhone and libraries

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    Default iTunes, iPhone and libraries
    At the risk of posting an incomprehensible wall of text, I'll break my problem down into a few points:

    (a) recently made a backup of the music folder which contained all of the music in my iTunes (before a system restore)
    (b) folder containing all the music inaccessible and corrupted, so temporarily left with none of my old music
    (c) used third-party software to extract music from iPhone to computer
    (d) loaded the old iTunes library (which wasn't corrupted) and it shows all of my old music (hurrah!) - 2,284 songs
    (e) checked the folder with the extracted music, it shows 2,059 songs

    Problem: unlike the consolidated files in the music folder, the files I transferred from my iPhone to the computer are not in folders. So simply copying them into the Music folder again doesn't really do the trick, since they're located in folders and albums in the iTunes library database. Hence, it doesn't help get rid of the "!" icon and find my songs.

    Is there any, any way of "mass locating" music files? I came across one method which led to iTunes prompting a message saying "do you want to use this folder to locate all your other music?" or something to that effect, but it gave me an error afterwards. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and possibly rewarded with a lollipop depending upon your location.

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    Uh, shameless bump.

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    Just a heads up for anyone with a similar problem who might come across this thread: CopyTrans, albeit at a price, did the trick for me. It copies the music from your iPhone straight into the Music folder and sorts it into artist and album folders, so that iTunes recognises the files and automatically locates them.

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