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Thread: MyWi & AT&T Tethering Email?

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    Question MyWi & AT&T Tethering Email?
    Hey All!

    Anyone else that uses MyWi and has AT&T get an email from them recently talking about tethering and that if you do not stop they will sign you up for the DataPro? I have unlimited data.

    I called AT&T and they said that I used 4GBs but no where on the AT&T website does my Data Trend report go over 2.2GBs.

    I called them and played dumb as to what even all this meant like some technology idiot, and the data representative said "if you are doing it or not, just stop" and he mentioned that AT&T will be slowing down the top 5% users data...

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    ATNT is evil, you have unlimited data plan and they want to restrict you on what you do .

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    Got my notice the other day. I have been tethering my computer on and off since all this started earlier this year without any notice. I changed my ttl and have been using safari browser with the user agent changed to iphone mobile safari 4.1 with no problems so far. Well this past weekend I decided to get a little bold and tethered my iPad2 via wifi on mywi. Well needless to say I got the notice 3 days later. So I called played dumb and said I watched a netflix movie on my camper's tv. Of course they say thats tethering when we all know it's not. She also gave me the BS about listening to pandora through my car stereo is tethering, so I asked her about plugging my headphones in and listening to pandora. Apparently that's not tethering because your not using your car speakers to hear the music??? I laughed my head off and told her thanks for clearing up that ATT is putting their own definition on tethering to suit their needs. All in all I still have my unlimited plan.

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