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Thread: Baseband issues AT&T blocking 01.59.00?? iPhone 4 not making voice calls

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    Angry Baseband issues AT&T blocking 01.59.00?? iPhone 4 not making voice calls
    Device: iPhone 4 (early A1332)
    Firmware: Pwnage 4.2.1 /4.3.3 Jailbroken & Sn0wbreeze Unlocked. BB 01.59.00
    What kinda problem: Cannot hear GSM voice calls with AT&T

    One day about 6 weeks ago my phone stopped being able to make and receive calls, to be more specific the calls connect but I cannot hear the caller and they cannot hear me. My phone was on 4.3.3 with 01.59.00 baseband and had been working fine on At&t. Is it hardware I asked myself, so I tested the sound recorder app and can record and playback sound with no problem. I tested VoIP apps and made calls no problem. I tried to make calls with a headset and still the same problem existed–– the calls connect but just no sound either way... i cannot hear the caller and they can't hear me.

    Is At&t blocking / phasing-out 01.59.00 baseband??

    Service bars are full, data/internet works fine, voicemail works fine, everything works completely fine except the audio of phone calls. I am nervous that at&t is blocking or phasing out this antique baseband.

    Thinking that my 4.3.3 was maybe corrupted I also downgraded and fresh installed 4.2.1. The problem still exists.

    To test if AT&T was somehow blocking the baseband or blocking me as a user, I have now popped in a new T-mobile SIM card. Unfortunately the same problem occurs, everything works except hearing GSM voice calls and the caller hearing me. Now this is an interesting detail, if I press number keys the caller can hear the tones no problem. When the other caller presses number keys I cannot hear the tones. If I make a three way conference call the other callers can hear each other, but I cannot hear them and they cannot hear me!

    Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone have suggestions to further trouble shoot this problem? Is it hardware or software, I cannot tell!?

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    If AT&T was doing anything to block voice .... it would be front page news.
    The fact that the problem exists with T-Mo confirms this.

    Sounds like replacement time to me.

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