I am a recent addition to the jail-breaking community and after finally deciding (with some hand-wringing) to opt for a tethered jailbreak of 4.3.5 (the only option I had if I wanted to jailbreak, long story) I have taken the plunge and 'hacked' my iDevice!

So far I'm loving the customization options and increased functionality I now have but there are a few minor issues I'm trying to figure out how to deal with and could use any help or advice I can get.

One of the issues began when I installed Winterboard and started using themes. I downloaded a free version of CarbonX HD (a theme) and along for the ride came a springboard web link to their website labelled 'CarbonX HD Pro' which, when deleted, shows right back up on the springboard each time I reset it (say to change a theme or something). It isn't harming anything, but I dislike the fact that I can't make it vanish permanently. I've since stopped using the CarbonX theme (no luck, icon still there), downloaded iFile and fully (I think) deleted the theme (again, still there), and now have no other ideas except a.) using iFile to delete random files that look like they might be causing the problem through or b.) wiping/restoring and re-jail-breaking the device.

Any thoughts?