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Thread: Lady needs help upgrading her 3gs from ios 3.1.3 to anything over 4.0

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    Default Lady needs help upgrading her 3gs from ios 3.1.3 to anything over 4.0
    Im really stuck. I am not that computer saavy and really am unsure of how "exactly" I should procede to accomplish this. I just dont want to make a mistake and never be able to jailbreak again as Ive read could happen!!

    Unfortunetly my ex updated all this for me a year back or so, and its been fine and I never changed anything on it, but now hes a total **** .. So Im hoping someone else who is familiar with this area can gently walk me through this. Ive looked for days and yes there is no shortage of solutions out there to this specific problem, really Im just overwhelmed by all the different options Im seeing... I really hope someone who has also went through this can help!

    I have an iphone 3gs my firmware is 3.1.3 (7e18) and my baseband is 05.12.01. I dont know if I am using an old or new boot rom, does that matter? Also I dont use Itunes, dont have it on my pc, do I need it to do this upgrade?? I am also not sure how it was jailbroken before if it was spirit or blackrain, unfortunetly they both sound very familiar to me

    All I want is to go from my jailbroken 3.1.3 right now and jailbreak it again but this time with any of the newer 4.0 firmware... I just want the newer features =P

    I really hope someone here can help me out with this cause I am absolutely and definetly stuck!

    Thankyou so much =)


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    You should check for SHSHs, that way you can get to 4.2.1 or 4.3.3. If you don't have SHSHs saved for either, that's ok, you can still get to 4.1 just fine without them. But personally I like 4.2.1 the best.

    So go get TinyUmbrella, and click Save SHSHs and see what you have. If it says you've got 4.2.1 or 4.3.3 saved, we can go from there. If no SHSHs are saved, I can help you get to 4.1 as well. So let me know!

    Did you need to keep this phone unlocked btw?

    Edit: oh yeah, you need to download iTunes.

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    I think u REALLY need to somehow backup everything off the phone before u lose it!! Omg...never used iTunes? Wow...yeah download install iTunes. Open iTunes without phone connected! Go into preferences and select checkbox to not allow sync when idevices are connected(or something like that-i dont have my machine right now to check for sure)..Plug in phone to USB. Right click on phone in left side window, select backup! Let that finish. This is for windows btw.. Phew...I hope that part goes well for u. You definitely need a backup before u do anything else!...bad thing is, I think some folks have issues using 3.x backup up on 4.x....anyway get that done And post back with any snags..

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