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Thread: A friends gift to me and I broke it?

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    Default A friends gift to me and I broke it?
    My buddy who is a marine was recently deployed and he gave me his iphone 3gs before he left, telling me that he was going to get a new one when he gets home. So he left and I have this nice phone.

    So I decide that I am going to update it and do a clean restore on it to make it my own but the problem is, I didn't know and he didn't tell me that it is/was jailbroken.

    So idiot me just hooked it up to the most recent version of itunes on my macbook and click restore and it gives me an error 1015 and will only show a screen with the itunes icon along with a usb cable.

    I have tried to do 'fixes' according to websites and advice but not understanding what I am doing, nothing seems to work, I get errors such as 1600, 3194, 20, and 'not compatible'. I don't know what firmware is on the phone or the other technicalities of this phone other than the information that I have presented to you.

    So being ignorant of jailbreaking and such, I have no clue how to fix this and restore this gift that my friend was so gracious in giving me before going to Afghanistan. I really don't want to tell him that I broke it when he gets back. I feel so guilty, please help . Thank you

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    Put iphone into dfu mode and Restore to stock 4.1 , use exit recovery from tiny umbrella to kick out error 1015, activate it with official sim.
    Check your baseband under settings.
    Run Tiny umbrella again, plug bootable iphone and click save shsh, look under general tab.

    Do the shsh blob request from Cydia.
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    Thank you iYeow and I really appreciate your advice and help. I followed your first few steps and they are working beautifully to the point where I used tiny umbrella to kick out error 1015 and now tiny umbrella is showing 'iphone' as my connected device as opposed to '0'. My installed baseband is 06.15.00-6.4_M3S2 and my installed Firmware is 4.1.

    This is extremely exciting because this is the most progress I have had on this for many many hours. Once again, thank you. Now the screen in the phone shows the itunes icon and usb cable EXCEPT now it has a slider bar. All very exciting.

    Now my next question, because I don't want to screw this all up, is your next instruction is to activate it with official sim. Being a USA AT&T customer with a SIM card, do I just install my sim card to activate it? I feel like I am so close to getting this sorted.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    ok, yeah I am a special kind of noob it seems. Itunes decided to recognize it and now that screen is gone with a regular slider bar. I am so excited and now I have a good story to share with my buddy when he gets home over some beers. He is going to laugh so hard at me.
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    Yes. In fact keep your AT&T installed from now on. There's no reason to remove it

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