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hi, dont know if anybody can help. Got an iphone 3gs and it was unlocked and jailbroken until three wks ago. Someone updated it to 4.3.5 by mistake and now it locked again. Dont know what to do. Paid someone online to unlock with redsn0w and it did install cydia and i installed ultrasnow. But everytime i go to choose my carrier, it tells me that its unable to give me a list to choose from and is just set on automatic. I says no service and does not recognize my SIM card. Dont know what to do. I'm thinking of restoring to factory setting but would that bring it back to 05.12.02 coz now it 05.16.02. Any ideas?
I really hope you didn't pay someone to download redsn0w--it's free software.

Anyway, the only way you're getting your unlock back is to use the "iPad baseband" option in redsn0w. Please be warned that using the iPad baseband may permanently break your phone's GPS functions and will irreparably void your phones warranty.

PS: Unless you have a very old (old-bootrom) 3GS phone, your jailbreak will be tethered (will not fully boot without help from a computer). A downgrade to firmware 4.1 will fix that, provided Apple is still signing that version.

PPS: Kindly read the forum titles and rules, so you can post this in the correct place next time.