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Thread: DFU mode with no power button, restored, what are my options?

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    Default DFU mode with no power button, restored, what are my options?
    I was trying to jailbreak my boyfriends ipod touch 2g (non mc model) which was on 3.0 firmware. I have never jailbroken before but felt I was ready after days of doing my homework, lol.

    I was using redsnow and upgrading to 4.2.1 on windows 7.

    I got the firmware updated with restore but when it came time to enter DFU mode I realized his power button was all the way pushed in and wasn't popping up so it wasn't responding. We couldn't power off. I noticed that he has a little dent in the metal on the side right above the volume controls which probablly warped the metal siding around the sleep/power button as well which is why it seems all the way pushed down all ready.

    We were able to power it off using a dime to press really hard on the sleep button but there was no timing it, it was a matter of pushing for long enough for it to register.

    So, this made the timing sequence of entering DFU mode impossible. I tried to just use jailbreakme instead but since I already restored to 4.2.1 that is too high for that method and would have to downgrade, which I would also need DFU mode for.

    Am I just stuck now with an unjailbroken ipod touch? I came across a few posts on the web about a way to get into DFU without the power button but wouldn't know where to go from there without using a jailbreak program like redsnow or something telling me step by step what to do.

    What are my options for getting jailbroken now since DFU by power button/home button sequence isnt an option and is there a tutorial for it?

    Any options or input appreciated.

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    The power button is required for DFU. If you search the web, some claim to have a work-around.
    Don't believe it ... Fix the power button, it's necessary. You'll be happy you did

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