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Thread: The Ra1n's Tiff Exploit!

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    Default The Ra1n's Tiff Exploit!

    Hello i'm iPhone,iPad,iTouch,PSP & PS3 developer.I have an iOS Safari Web Browser Tiff Exploit and i need testers & developers.

    My Twitter Account : Twitter

    POC Video

    -Sorry for my english.

    --The Ra1n
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    If y'all will please excuse my skepticism...

    I hope that video is coming soon. Hoaxes don't do so well here...

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    Would of preferred if you didn't mention what the exploit used as this (if it's real) help apple to patch it (if this is real lol)

    But yeh, I'll happily test,
    IPhone 4, 4.3.4, Unlocked officially, UK O2.

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    POC Video Added!

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    I'd be happy to test as well

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    metaljay & Str4y added to testers list wait my message on twitter

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ra1n View Post
    POC Video Added!

    Like A Boss

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    More details added!

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    ill test it.
    iPhone 4 Verizon


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    Mysterion added to list.

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    So what firmwares will this jailbreak and it'll be untethered right?

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    I'm working on iOS5 Jailbreak! I need a website for my safari tiff exploit.

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    ok The Ra1n now what bro?
    iPhone 4 Verizon


    Untethered jailbroken w/ Sn0wbreeze

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    Crash log added to my twitter page :!/the_ra1n

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