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Thread: Bricked 3GS?`

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    Default Bricked 3GS?`
    Ok, so some of you are going to say I am an idiot, and that's ok, I am fine with that because after what I did, I feel like one.... Apparently I installed a new bootrom jailbreak on a 3gs with the old bootrom. I didn't upgrade the software, I just want from 4.3.1 to 4.3.1 (yes, I did save my SHSH blob) but downloaded the new bootrom image rather than the old bootrom inadvertently.

    Here are my list problems:

    On PC:
    Installed New Bootrom (with iPad BB) on Old Bootrom phone - reboot loop
    Went to DFU mode and used TinyUmbrella to fix recovery - still in reboot loop
    Tried updating to 4.3.5 - couldn't do it because phone kept rebooting

    On Mac:
    Tried using irecboot - nothing
    Tried using irecovery - shows the FSBoot Not Found ect, Starting greenpois0n, then after a few minutes of nothing, scrolls words across the screen that I can't read because they are too fast, then goes back to reboot mode
    Not sure what I did, because it finally came back to the "Connect to iTunes" recovery screen
    Tried installing old bootrom in pwned DFU mode - still says "Connect to iTunes"
    Used TinyUmbrella's Exit Recovery - Reboots phone and goes back to "Connect to iTunes"
    Tried doing a 100% fresh install from Apple's server of 4.3.5 - still stuck at the "Connect to iTunes" screen

    Back to PC:
    Tried to downgrade back to 4.3.1 - Goes to reboot mode.

    Back to Mac:
    Again, not 100% what I did, but it went back to "Connect to iTunes"

    From here I am stuck. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong to keep this phone from rebooting or going to Connect to iTunes mode. I have tried updating and downgrading a few times on both PC and Mac, but I haven't had any luck. Most of the time when I try to update the phone, the status bar gets about 75% of the way, then screams to the end and the phone reboots with either "Connect to iTunes" or reboot loop mode.

    I am in Afghanistan and the internet here sucks BADLY, so it takes FOREVER to download anything. I am pretty ticked off because this is the only way for me to talk to my family back home, and now I can't! if anyone has ANY suggestions, PLEASE let me know!

    Oh yeah, I am NOW having the same issue with an iPhone 3g that I got from a friend. Can't get it to update or anything. Thanks for ANY help!

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    You will need a custom firmware as u have iPad bb .
    Download pwnagetool for 4.3.1 . Build a custom firmware.
    Put phone in pwned dfu and restore using cfw. Ofcourse don't forget to run TSS server.. :-)

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