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Thread: New phone, got lucky with 4.3.3, CAN NOT SAVE SHSH.

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    Default New phone, got lucky with 4.3.3, CAN NOT SAVE SHSH.
    trying to save my shsh blobs so I don't repeat the same mistake I've made in the past.

    got the phone an hour ago, lucked out with 4.3.3 considering the tether JB is my only option for 4.3.4.

    I'm on a mac, so I can't use ifaith. I grabbed tinyumbrella, (mind you my phone is not jailbroken yet, was hesitant to modify anything before doing this- so there's no cydia) I unchecked the cydia shsh request in the advanced tab, and for some reason the only shsh blobs it seems to be saving are for 4.3.4, 5.0b1, 5.0b2, and 5.0b3.

    TU output:

    phone screenshot:

    My computer is running itunes 10.5 beta (had previously been attempting to upgrade to 5.0b4 yesterday on another device, and ended up bricking it and being forced to update to 4.3.4). The UDID of my previous phone was registered, could the itunes interference be causing TU to only extract the newer firmware blobs? or is it just because apple isn't signing 4.3.3 anymore?

    I just want to backup my blobs before making any changes to the phone. Should I jailbreak with redsn0w first, and then try to pull the SHSH from cydia using TU ? Or am I just SOL because I'm a week late on the apple update.

    Thanks guys, appreciate it.
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    Apple has stopped signing 4.3.3 Monday evening last week. So if you want to have an untethered JB , don't do any restore.

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    Okay, I'll just deal with this. Thanks.

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    FYI: If you're still on 4.3.3 and can find access to a PC, a 'pre-signed 4.3.3' can be created w/iFaith. It doesn't provide SHSH blobs in the same way TU does, but 4.3.3 can be reload form it.

    Edit: The device ...does... need to be jailbroken
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    Default Had same issue
    You may be forgetting to change the host file. Open finder and search /etc grab file that's called HOSTS drag to desktop open with text edit change last line some differ slightly but it's the numbers starts with 7 I forget but there's YouTube videos on it Don't erase just add something drag back in then authorize. Since there not signing any more you might have to break it on the latest firmware. Hope this helps

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