Hey guys I got a question about my 3g v 4.2.1

Yesterday I installed MyWi and 3g unrestrictor and skype.

Tonight I noticed that once my phone goes to the lock screen I wait say a few minutes and when I unlock it I'm bumped off my router and I have to login again.

So far I've uninstalled MyWi and the Unrestrictor and it still doing it...so I turned the phone off for a few minutes and then turned it back on.

It seems to be okay now.
When I unlock it its on 3g but connects back to my router.
So my question is....is this a problem was it the shutoff that fixed that problem of those above apps have problems?

I want to reinstall them apps but not at the cost of being in 3g too often I'm on the cheap plan can't be going over my data.

Thanks guys.