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Thread: Change IMEI back to original

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    Default Change IMEI back to original
    ok so i bought the iphone to unlock it and use with t-mobile
    i did it and it worked fine except the WIFI. it does not want to pick up any wireless even when i KNOW that there is wifi available. I searched the web and no1 had this problen so im guessin that its the hardware.. just a faulty iphone. so i decided to return it since i have till oct 10th to return.
    before i went i decided to restore phone to factory setting and since im returning i didnt mind upgrading to 1.1.1 .. this way they wouldnt know that i unlocked the phone...... well what i didnt know is that the IMEI numbers did not match to the back of the phone and they did not accept my return. so now im STUCK with a faulty iphone that doesnt work. I was able to downgrade back to 1.0.2 using this method
    (in case any of u need to downgrade)
    but i cant get my original IMEI number to show on the phone.

    I figure if i can do that, they will let me return the phone and get my money back... heh so that i can get another one

    SO any 1 know of a way to do this!?!

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    its easy, just take out the sim card and restart your phone, this will make your sim card show up as the original on your phone. If they restore the phone or turn it off and back on with the sim card in the phone then it will show the invalid ...0499... Imei. Maybe they will be too ignorant to check??

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    hmm interesting... you think they will accept the phone without the sim card???

    why is it that it displays 0046..... with a sim and the original IMEI with no sim...?

    can any1 tell me what i should do to restore my iphone to factory setting without any trace of it being unlocked... i need to return the phone because the wifi does not work... but before i do that i need to restore it to factory settings and i cant have it display wrong SIM or that ..4499 IMEI number
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