Hello all,

I recently jailbroke/unlocked an iphone 3gs running 4.3.3 with the ipad baseband 6.15.00

The issue I am having is with the wifi. It finds all networks and connects perfectly. It then starts to load a page in safari and seems ok but then stops before the page is loaded. Then it just seems like the wifi is dead/ extremely extremely slow/ unusable.

I know I cannot get off the ipad baseband now I don't have any blobs saved.. So what I want to try is to go to a more "vanilla" 4.3.3 6.15 firmware instead of one that is jailbroken if that makes any sense?

What would you recommend I try? I have already tried rejailbreaking with redsn0w to no avail. I have also tried going into DFU mode and restoring to a 4.3.3 custom/activated firmware I found online bother had the same result.

Any advice is appreciated.