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Thread: Jailbreak now, later, or never?

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    Question Jailbreak now, later, or never?
    Finally, I have miPod Touch back, after being grounded from it for 10 months! Hello MMi community! During those 10 months, obviously, by not having an iPod, I had little reason to visit MMi and its news. Therefore, I will be asking some noobish questions about the current state of the jailbreak, since I haven't been paying attention to the news lately.

    Before I ask my JB questions, below is a picture of my iPod Touch stats (model, FW, &c). In summary of the picture, I own an iPT 4G FW 4.1, with an older bootrom (hell, I got miPod basically a week after the iPT4G models were released in the US!). I still am on OFW 4.1 because I was grounded for THAT long!

    So, my main question is whether I should upgrade or not, and if I should JB in the first place. I'm not new to JBing, so I know what the JB community entails. Though I'm wondering if I should once again enter the JB community, since I only have about 2GBs of storage left, with all of my music. I worry that I will max out my memory with JB stuff. Moreover, I made the mistake of restoring backup-data from my now dead iPT3G when I first synced my iPT4G. What that did was enable SOME leftover JB features on my unJBd iPT4, such as the display of the battery percentage left on the bar on the top as a number. Someone in another post ten months ago said that that event isn't unheard of, but that having leftover JB features COULD potentially cause future JB problems.

    Moreover, should I upgrade, or stay at my current FW? My current FW is 4.1.0, which has a JB availble, but this FW is becomming outdate PDQ. ATM, the current OFW that I could upgrade to is 4.3.3. Does that currently have a JB for an iPT4G? Or should I not JB right now, and just wait for an untethered JB for iOS5?

    Thank you for helping me with this tough decision

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    Restore your ipt4g to stock 4.3.3 and jailbreak it with Redsn0w RC 16 to get untethered jailbreak.

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