Well, let me explain my problem a little more..

i've got a iphone 3gs 16gb new bootrom. The sound doesn't work but i know that's due to the audio codec ic on the motherboard..

But the biggest problem i've got is this:

My iphone only starts when i push the home + power button for several seconds. It is not in DFU mode when it doesn't start, because iTunes won't recognize it. When the iphone starts everything works as usual, wifi, network, camera all perfect. If i won't turn my phone off.. it also is very fast turned off.. where my iphone 4 takes several seconds.

Due to this problem i can't restore it.. (the needs to turn itself on, and as explained above, it won't) I'm starting to think it has something to do thing with the bootrom. (since the bootrom is responsible for starting the iphone...)

Has anybody any idea how to fix this??