Hi all

This morning I upgraded my j/b 4.3.1 OS to 4.3.3, and then re-jailbroke it. All went fine and I got all my official apps etc back via iTunes.

Before the upgrade, I also installed BackToDeb, backed up my Cydia sources and packages, then copied the BackToDeb folder onto my PC. It seemed to have worked as there were loads of Deb files in there, plus the cydia.list file containing the repo sources.

After re-jailbreaking, I installed BackToDeb, and SSH'd its backed-up folder from my PC into /private/var/mobile as per instructions.

The only restore option in there is "restore sources", so I did that and rebooted my phone. No sign that my old sources had been restored into Cydia though.

For the packages, I didn't see an option to restore packages, so I moved all the backed-up deb files into /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall , and rebooted again. This did something as all the deb's were gone from this folder and most of the apps then showed as installed in Cydia. However, there's no other sign of them - for example, SBSettings is shown as installed in Cydia, but I can't see it anywhere else in my phone's menu to open it, and swiping across the top-left of the screen doesn't work either.

I know it's probably me being stupid, but what am I doing wrong here when trying to restore my sources and packages?