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Thread: Before I Proceed..

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    Default Before I Proceed..
    Korean iPhone 3GS
    Current Firmware: 4.2.1
    BB: 05.15.04
    BL: 6.4
    Model: MC131
    Current Jailbreak: Greenpois0n

    He's my issue, Here in Korea the service providers will unlock your phone for free to allow use in the states. I have contacted the customer support and they sent the request off to apple. I recieved my text stating the phone was ready for Unlock, connect to iTunes and restore. Since i have not upgraded to the most current firmware it wants to restore and update. If i do this will i be able to re-jailbreak my phone. This is pretty much a test run for me, i have an old 3G that i use on T-mobile, here its an iTouch (thanks to iPittsburgh who helped me fix this when I mistakenly upgraded to 3.1.3, loaned it to a friend on leave using T-moible no problems.)

    I'm pretty much under the impression from what the carrier is telling me, that with this factory unlock i will be able to use the phone on any carrier. We primarily use T-Mobile, only out of loyalty because they where the only carrier to work on the coast after Katrina. My intent is to test and see if this Factory unlock will work without any hacking of the system (other than Jailbreak of course lol).

    If anyone has any in-site to how i should proceed please advise, i really don't want to go thru the rest of my tour here with out my jailbreak, it makes life so much easier. Thanks in advance.

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    Once it is factory unlocked, you can use any GSM sim cards. You can rejailbreak at 4.3.3 for your 3gs.

    If your carrier has done the factory unlocked, any GSM sim will activate your iphone as well.
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    Awesome! thank you for the help. I'll just follow the instructions posted on the forums for the next jailbreak.

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    You don't /have/ to restore and re-jailbreak your iPhone to get your carrier unlock.

    You can download SAM (from the Cydia repository, and hit the "De-Activate" button under Utilities, then plug your iPhone into your computer and open iTunes. That should get you the unlock. At that point, I'd STRONGLY advise you hit the "Backup Activation" button in SAM, to preserve your unlock.

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    OMG dude you are AWESOME! Its done with no issues, thank you soo much. Good thing i was headed to Yongsan to prowl the electronics market. Awesome thing is, i'm picking up another 3GS off a guy that leaving here. His juicy girl..err girl friend threw it at him and broke it in two pieces. He went and bought a junk phone for $20 cause he only has two months left. Told him i'd pay to get it fixed with the insurance if i could have it, then he can use it until he leaves.

    So 300,000KW to get it fixed, then the insurance gives you 250,000KW back (dunno you have to pay up front). So i got a referb 3GS for around $45 US lol. Thanks again for all your help

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