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Thread: "No Service" after jb.. help!

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    Default "No Service" after jb.. help!
    Hey guys,

    So I am back with a newer phone these days, trying to use it on tmobile.

    Phone: 3G 16GB Originally ATT
    Baseband: 5.12.01
    OS: 3.1.3

    What I did:
    Wiped to 3.1.3 apple clean version
    Redsnow wouldn't work, used factory ATT sim to activate w/ itunes
    JB w/ Spirit
    Install Ultrasnow
    Install Sb settings

    I did get a crash after return to springboard, but forced restart w/ no problem. (weird)

    Anyhow, for about two weeks no problems. Then I seem to be getting what is the infamous intermittent signal. "Network Lost" and "No Service". Its been getting worse.

    How can I get my signal back? Its to the point where I barely have signal now. I've tried Reset network settings, hard restart, airplane mode .. they only sometimes work.

    Today I will try the sim in my old 2g unlocked.

    Other Questions:
    1. I left the carrier select on auto in the beginning and it would often say ATT on it. WHY? They aren't merged yet.... there is no reason. Sometimes it will fight between towers, switch to tmobile, get a weak signal, switch to att.. anyone understand that?
    2. Was my jailbreak method good? I tried to find what would be one of the "cleanest" methods. Should I re-jb?

    Please help me out!
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    Default "No Service" after jb.. help!
    Please check out my thread.. maybe it should be moved to this board? Hopefully a mod will help


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    What is your idevice and go check your modem firmware and tell us what it is .

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    thanks for the response. as shown in the original (above linked) thread:

    Phone: 3G 16GB Originally ATT
    Baseband: 5.12.01
    OS: 3.1.3

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    It'd be great if we had another device (any cell phone really, like that 2G you were referring to) to test T-Mobile's ambient signal in your area with. It may just be flaky signal.

    To answer your questions from the other thread (EDIT: the two threads are now merged together here per your request): you jailbroke, activated, and unlocked in what is likely "the cleanest" method I can think of--your baseband is compatible with ultrasn0w, and assuming you have 3G disabled, you should be alright.

    Under Settings -> General -> About, what does your phone read under "Carrier" and "Network?"

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    bump. please help.
    I noticed even with my unlocked 2g that in this area it switches from att to tmobile frequently.

    However, in the room where I have been testing this, with my 2g I get med/strong tmobile signal with no switching.

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