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Thread: 43.3 jailbreak Stuck at "Exploiting with limera1n"

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    Default 43.3 jailbreak Stuck at "Exploiting with limera1n"
    Hey guys,
    I can't figure out why but I keep getting stuck at "exploiting with limera1n" when using Redsnow rc16. When it gets to the "exploiting with limera1n" part, he phone basically just starts up as normal and goes to the lock screen. What am I doing wrong?

    ok I found out what the problem was and wanted to provide the simple solution here for anyone else who might have the problem in the future.

    I simply wasn't entering DFU mode correctly. Don't listen to redsnows instructions regarding DFU mode because it isnt accurate. turn off your phone while connected via usb to the computer, then when the phone is off, press and hold the power button and home button at the same time for 10 seconds, then release the power button only and continue to hold the home button for about 10-15 seconds and let go. The phone seemed like it was still just off but when I went to jailbreak, it started up correctly.

    other stuff I did was run redsnow as administrator and in "windows xp sp3" compatibility mode.
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    You can't use limera1n only redsnow for 4.3.3

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    I didn't use limra1n. Like I said, I used Redsnow rc16. Redsnow still uses Limera1ns exploit and it is shown during the jailbreak process so it was getting stuck on that specific part of the jailbreak.

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    What windows operating system are you using? I had the same problem DFU mode isn't working for me, 2nd attempt made the phone unresponsive until I rebooted.

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    Running it in windows xp compatibility mode usually does the trick regarding this issue.

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    Even if your running Windows 7?

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    Cheers!, thought that might of been a stupid question lol.

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    Sup guys!?
    Need a little help here, just bought 2 iphone 3gs, fresh from the box. I jailbreaked my old one at 4.1.0 easy as anything..
    But with these new two models Im having the same problem that idkanymore had.

    But, this is what it differs, after i put at DFU mode the program has to recognize the cel phone, in any video tutorial at yt it shows the right model, but in my case (two iphones 3gs) it shows "iphone 4 recognized" and them stucks at "exploiting limeiran1".

    Also, doing the snowbreeze way, when i go to itunes holding shift to restore it says that its not the right version, but it its

    Already change the compatibility to XP sp3 and runned as adm.

    I did try all the possible ways to put in DFU mode, shutting down and holding both buttons for 10 sec then holding just home. Holding then when the celphone is on, and all the others way.

    i suspect that the problem is because the iphones are too new and they have some kind of block, idk
    Because redsnow recognizes as iphone 4 and itunes dont let me install the snowbreeze version.

    Hope you understand my english

    Thanks guys, plz help me out!

    Just tryed this too, also didnt solved:

    As a matter of fact i know how to solve it!!

    1)Run redsnow as administrator

    2)Go to start(on windows)

    3Type in Task manager then open up(View running processes with Task Manager)

    4)Go to process and find redsnow.exe

    5)Now right click it and click on set affinity

    6)Now check(click) on all the boxes) then press OK.

    7)Close task manager and when it is in DFU mode keep holding onto the home button until the end of the jailbreak is complete.

    Hope I helped!(just jailbroke 4.3.3 untethered)
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    Are you sure you did not get a cloned iphone ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iYeow View Post
    Are you sure you did not get a cloned iphone ?
    sure thing bro
    all acessories, sealed box, bought directly from the provider..

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