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Thread: Battery drains much quicker after Jailbreak?

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    Exclamation Battery drains much quicker after Jailbreak?
    Hello, I have jailbroken my iPhone 4 about 2 months or so ago, and I have started to notice a decrease in battery life, even though I am keeping generally the same daily usage. Usually I listen to some music in the morning while texting for about 30 minutes. This brings me down to 92%! I live it on in my locker at school and by the time I unlock it and leave it's at 89%! (Mind you I make sure to close every application out before placing it in there and cannot put it in Airplane Mode in case of emergency). After I get home I usually use it for texting and maybe a LITTLE bit of browsing (10 minutes worth tops as I have an iPad 2). I have noticed that now my battery drains about 4% an hour with brightness ALWAYS set at a little less than halfway and using mainly for texting. I have 3G on, WiFi on, and bluetooth off. Here is a list of applications from Cydia that are installed on my phone:

    Airplace SBSettings toggle
    AppSync for OS 4.2
    Apt 0.7 HTTPS Method
    BigBoss Icon Set
    biteSMS (Used quite heavily)
    Brightness Switcher
    Cydia Installer
    Cydia Translations
    Display Out (Do not use)
    Erica Utilities
    Facebook Logo for OpenNotifier
    Fake Operator
    Gameboy A.D.X....
    GBA Bios
    Genesis a.d.x. Plus
    GridTab for Safari
    Lock Weather Plugin for Lockinfo
    Lockscreen Clock Hide
    Mobile Substrate
    MultiIconMover 4.2 Beta
    MyWi 4.0
    NES A.D.X. Plus
    Nyan Cat
    OpenSSH (Hardly ever use)
    Pokemon Fire Red
    Popup Blocker
    Remove Background
    Serious SBSettings HD
    SkrewCommon for ios4
    Skype Icon for OpenNotifier
    SNES A.D.X. Plus
    Toggle SSH
    vWallpaper for iOS 4 (Not enabled)
    Words with Friends Logo for OpenNotifier

    Please also note, that while I do have tons of emulators I have not used them in a long time (at least a month), but always keep them in case I ever have the desire to play, so I'm pretty sure that's not the problem!

    If anyone would be able to help that'd be great! Also one last thing, I use winterboard ONLY to change my slider text and slider... I don't have a complex theme or anything like that. Thanks!

    Also I forgot to mention, I jailbroke with Greenpois0n with rc 6.1 on iOS 4.2.1 I don't know if this matters... but now you know.
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    Curious...that doesn't seem like terrible drainage to me. mine is faster to drain than that, but I use it a lot and have animated weather and the liveOS theme too.

    How about the lockscreen light? Is it set for a long shutoff time? How about silent alerts set to repeat every (?) seconds? When texting, are you set on the ringer or vibrate Just some ideas. Good luck.


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    I haven't changed an options for the lock screen turn off time. The text tone is ALWAYS set to vibrate, as I don't like to disturb other people around me and that's how it was set on my old phone without any real issues. Could this be the problem? Something that simple? Thanks for your reply!

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    It is only set to vibrate once. Is there a way to play a tone (for texts) without vibrating? I don't want it to be on silent, but it vibrating kills battery then I'd be happy to change it. (Maybe possible with bitesms)? I find it kind of hard to believe that a vibration would hurt my battery so much... If it only does it once for a text...

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    True. I guess it kind if depends on how many texts and such. Again, my battery goes quick because of my use, but several alerts and etc a day no doubt contribute to it. Missed calls and so on. Bite has a way to use custom tones I believe. Again, it may not be the issue... Just something to play with and see if it's maybe at least a part of the issue. sometimes if the phone roams it speeds up battery loss... Alerts speed up loss.... Usage ( of course )(- especially Internet). The flashlight. Just a lot of little factors and add one or two together and it accelerates it. I'm out of ideas... Idk if somebody else has any.

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    You may be getting some notifications from apple apps like angry birds or other games while your gone, and also Facebook and twitter. The notifications really can take up battery because it turns on the screen, plays a sound or vibrates, and then displays the notification along with the app at launch incase you unlock your iPhone. Then it has to exit the app so you maybe getting a battery loss that way.

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