So i have an 8gb iphone, it originally had 4.6 bootloader, but i downgraded it 3.9 bootloader. now i cannot use any baseband lower than 4.04, if i try to downgrade the baseband, it will go through, but it wont get any signal, but i can see that it has been dowgraded, even if i try to erase the baseband and then restore firmware lower than 1.1.4, and restore for example firmware 1.1.2, with baseband 4.02, it will go through, but upon rebooting after the restore, the iphone says incorect sim inserted, plz insert an unlocked sim card(in other words its telling me that i dont have an att sim card, but i clearly have my own att sim card, which came with the iphone.) so what the heck is going on? thanks