Has anyone successfully patched cydia to work on ios 4.2.1? THere must be some steps Im missing...I've been jailbreaking since 1.0. Tried six or seven times with no success. anyone got a real working step by step or missing step to this tutorial:

am assuming your iDevice has been jailbreaked.but here are some steps to jailbreak using Redsn0w using beta 3 , we previously guided to jailbreak using beta 2

Step 1: Download the latest iOS 4.2.1 GM firmware for your desired iDevice (iPad not supported yet for jailbreak).

Step 2: and also Download iOS 4.1 final version.

Step 3: Download Redsnow 0.9.6 b2.

Step 4: Download iTunes 10.1

Step 5: now you Start the Redsnow jailbreak tool and open the iOS 4.1 for jailbreak it and it is iOS 4.1 IPSW not iOS 4.2.

Step 6: Press the Next button once Redsnow identifies the IPSW file successfully.

Step 7: Its simple and now you just need to check the Install Cydia Option also You can also select any other option if available.

Step 8: At this step you need to browse to the location for the SSH bundle you downloaded

Step 9: Now proceed for the jailbreak and once its done it will reboot automatically and SSH and APT packages will be instaled..

Step 1o. Now goto command line prompt and run the following command.

apt-get install bsdiff

Step 11: Now simley Download the Cydia.patch file.

Step 12: SSH into your idevice and place the Cydia.patch file in the Cydia.app directory on your device.

Step 13: Again go to command prompt line and type.

cd /Applications/Cydia.app/

cp Cydia_ Cydia.bak

bspatch Cydia.bak Cydia_ Cydia.patch

chmod +x+s Cydia_

Step 14: Its done and Reboot it and your Cydia is ready with new APIs installed.