Did you find yourself searching for an easy to use and totally free jailbreak finder? Well, you can stop searching, because I've developed a tool that does just that!

Visit CoolJB.com, enter your model, iOS version and platform and it'll give you an overview of the available jailbreak tools (and if it is a tethered/on device jailbreak). It's easy enough for anyone to use!

I'm well aware Pwnagetool pretty much pwns every iDevice out there, but you know, at least you have a choice. And there are complementary docs as well to guide you in the jailbreaking process!

Also note that I know there is a sort of an official guide posted sticky in this forum, but then again, it's all 'bout having a choice whether looking trough the PDF or selecting 3 things and hitting 'Find Jailbreak'

Thanks to @comex for checking it out and giving suggestions making CoolJB one of the best out there!

Hope you'll enjoy it,

PS: Feedback is always appreciated.
@comex is not associated with CoolJB nor does he endorse it. He was so kind to check it out, that's all.