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Thread: Upgrade Advice for 3G 8GB??

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    Default Upgrade Advice for 3G 8GB??
    Have been running 3.1.2 since I got my jailbroken phone about 8 months ago. T-mobile is my carrier.

    Just wondering what the most useful upgrade level would be for me as I'm basically a newb and sometimes get lost in some of the technical discussion when reading about new OS for iPhone. Once I'm secure on which OS I should upgrade to, I will do a search in here for instructions even I can understand.

    Thanks for your help!!!!

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    If you have a Mac, you can restore to custom fw of 4.1 created by Pwnage tools.
    OR For PC
    You can run ireb 4.1 and build a custom firmware of 4.1 from Snowbreeze 2.0.2 , make sure you don't activate the custom fw when building the firmware to avoid other problems.
    Use ireb 4.1 to put you into DFU mode and shift + restore to cfw of 4.1

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    Thanks Yeow.

    For those of us with limited technical abilities (most of what you said in your post is a foreign language to me), is there a good walkthrough in the forums for what you're suggesting? Using a PC platform.

    Thanks again!

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    I can break it down for you, it's very simple. Drawing from Yeow's instructions, I'll go from there. Since you have Windows, we will go the sn0wbreeze route.

    1) download a stock 4.1 ipsw. Go to on your computer and download it.

    2) download Sn0wbreeze 2.0.2. Go to iH8sn0w from your pc and download it.

    3) download iReb. You can find it at too.

    4) make sure your iTunes is updated.

    5) Open Sn0wbreeze and select the stock 4.1 ipsw you downloaded.

    6) follow the on-screen instructions. In the first submenu, you'll have options to select what you'd like on your phone. If you do NOT have an official carrier's SIM (example: phone is locked to AT&T so the official SIM is AT&T), you must select "activate". You should also select Cydia. You can choose to select multitasking or wallpaper (don't recommend it on an iPhone 3G, itll slow the phone down but that's up to you), and you can select WinterBoard (theming app). You can then continue to build and finish your custom firmware.

    7) once the firmware is created, it will be saved to your desktop, don't move it from there.

    8) download iReb (also from and run it.

    9) open up iTunes, set your phone into DFU mode. Do so by turning your phone off. Hold the home and power button for 10 seconds, release the power button and continue to hold the home button until iTunes recognizes your device in recovery mode.

    10) hold shift on your keyboard and click restore.

    11) select your custom 4.1 firmware (be sure it is not the stock 4.1 or you'll lose unlock)

    12) let iTunes finish restoring

    13) you should be able to access Cydia on your springboard now. Go into Cydia and let it reorganize.

    14) re-enter Cydia when it finishes reloading on its own, and go to search and find "Ultrasn0w" to install. That will unlock your phone after rebooting. If it doesn't kick in right away, reboot again and it should be fine.

    You will probably run into some problems with push and YouTube.

    For push fix, install push doctor (confirmed to work on 4.1 now): go to Cydia>Manage>Sources>Edit>Add and enter this URL, "" then find push doctor to install.

    This should fix YouTube as well. If it does not, install this URL to your repo list, "" and find the various YouTube fixes to install. Doesn't matter which one, just find one of the three that work for you.

    Good luck.

    Edit: I forgot the steps for if you do have an official SIM. if you do, do not select "activate" so you can avoid the push and YouTube problems. So basically what you do with it is after step 13, you will actually be stuck at the emergency call screen. Simply insert the official carrier's SIM and open iTunes. iTunes will then activate the device and then you will be able to see your Springboard to access Cydia. Then continue from here to the last step. If you get to do this with the SIM, you can just skip the YouTube and push doctor process.
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