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Thread: going back to 1.1.1

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    Default going back to 1.1.1
    hey everyone i just had a quick question...i recently upgraded my 1.1.1 to the 1.1.4 and since then after JBing its been nothing but problems..i was wondering could i simply restore my phone to the NEW iphone instead of the backup? would i bring me back to the 1.1.1?? i saved all my contacts in the address book would i be able to upload them if i did select Set up as New phone???

    thanks everyone

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    The reason you're having problems is b/c you most likely upgraded instead of RESTORED and then you probly set the phone up from a back-up image rather than as a NEW phone. I suggest doing a DFU restore to 1.1.4 and then set the phone up as NEW in itunes. Then resync all your stuff.

    There are many known issues for people that start with a jailbroken phone, then upgrade and rejailbreak... bad news.

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    well i just did a restore and picked new phone. So now should stick with the ZIPHONE JB or is there another s/w out there that might be better??

    ok did it with the the only thing that doesnt work is the youtube...i already installed the youtube activator by bigboss and rebooted and still nothing...oh well back to the drarwing board
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    i was told that there was a few versions of Ziphone for windows and that the 2.5 worked the best. However i can tell if the same applies for macs? is this sound right..

    it seems like after ziphone JB i run into one of these three problems...
    no voice mail
    no mail
    no youtube..

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    well ive tried the method of downloading the 1.1.1 ipsw file which is 153 mb i believe and when i click the OPT key on my mac as i hit restore and select makes it alllllmost to the end of the progress bar and wham i get the unknown error1 everytime ...i even went as far as getting itunes 7.5..rebooting and switching USB ports and still nothing...

    the only way my phone restores from DFU MODE properly is by just hitting restore without selecting any files it seems like.. any suggestions??? thanks

    actually it wont update my OS to 1.1.4 if i manually select it now that i think of it..would that mean its something on my MAC?
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