I'm getting tired of looking at my phone without a theme. I just recently upgraded to 4.1 from 3.1.3, and, needless to say, all of my favorite themes are non-functional.

So, I need some new ones.

Should I be looking here "iPhone 2G|3G|3GS iPod Touch 1G|2G|3G New Skins / Themes" because it's a 3GS?


Should I be looking here "iPhone 4 New Skins / Themes Launches" because while it's NOT an iPhone 4, it is 4.1, and the 4.1 is obviously what kaput'd my old favorites. Most of these theme's in this section seem to be optimized for the new display, will that make a difference on the 3GS? Or do I want to avoid theme's that say "HD"?