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Thread: iPhone 3GS old bootrom 4.0.1 non-jailbroken

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    Default iPhone 3GS old bootrom 4.0.1 non-jailbroken
    Hey guys, I have an iPhone 3GS old bootrom on 4.0.1, not jailbroken.

    Is there a way to get this up to 4.1 without shsh blobs to downgrade to 3.1.2 or do I have to wait for the new sn0wbreeze?

    I don't mind doing a limera1n and just leaving it on 4.0.1 but I'm selling it so would be good to get 4.1 on it for the buyer so they don't have to go through that hassle themselves.


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    Snowbreeze is already updated to get it to 4.1.

    You need to JB it with JBme, then from woowiz repo (currently down as I type) and install jbme2pwn.

    Then use the snowbreeze custom firmware and unlock it with ultrasnow.

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    Yeah, I just rather avoid doing anything with jailbreakme, as the guy is coming to pick up the phone tomorrow and if the repo doesn't come back up by then I won't be able to sn0wbreeze it for him (and that repo has been down for several days afaik).

    I guess I'll just limera1n it and give him instructions on how to sn0wbreeze it when the new one is released.

    EDIT - oh and btw westonben MuscleNerd said PwnageTool today on his twitter if nothing goes wrong... Fingers crossed!

    EDIT 2 - also, I just managed to add the woowiz repo to my Cydia and see the jbme2pwn in the search section, does that mean the repo is up or will I just get an error if I try to download and install? I haven't tried because the phone is not jailbroken yet.
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    You'll get an error if you try to install jbme2pwn.

    Just wait and hope either new pwnagetool comes out soon (I'll send you the ipsw) or woowiz comes back up

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    Well he said it's coming tonight, they are just waiting for a couple of iPhone Dev Team members to wake up before they announce the release. I'm getting my VMware/Mac OSX Leopard all set up now just in case.

    I just wonder if the custom ipsw is in some way device specific, which is why I'm setting my own up as a backup

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