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Thread: Broken power button.

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    Default Broken power button.
    Ok. So I bought a 3GS from a friend that has a broken power button and also a cracked screen and very scratched up back as you can see from the picture.
    When they sold it to me they wiped it right before they handed it to me and now it's stuck in a boot cycle.
    The only way I know to get out of it is dfu mode. But I can't get it to work because of the power button being broken. I got it to work one time but my host files aren't correct so it wouldn't update to 4.1.
    Does anybody know how I can force it to dfu mode with a script? I can use a Mac or a pc since my roommate has a pc.
    Or do you think I should just replace the parts first and then do dfu mode after I have a power button?
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    first off, wtf would possess you to buy that thing.
    it better of been for less than $20.
    anyway, my power button broke on my ipod, and it onyl works if i realllyyy hold it down hard.
    apple wont fix that either because you are not the orignal buyer.
    ur outta luck man

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    If your phone is the one in the picture, you're suffering from pretty severe damage. The entire back of the phone needs to be replaced due to the power button having no place to mount to. The actually power button contact is hopefully still there. If the power button contact is damaged, you will need to the ribbon cable that connects power, headphone jack, mute switch and volume buttons.

    If you need any assistance, let me know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by randomfrankp View Post
    it better of been for less than $20.
    Broken iPhones have surprisingly good resell value. You should see some of the original iPhone's I've been able to unload on ebay. Much worse than this and still got a decent amount of money for them.

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    How exactly did they manage to put such a facade on that thing that you would actually buy it?

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    what was the point on buying this xD with the cost of buying this + the cost to fix this you can buy a new iphone 4 or a 3GS with not problems lOl

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    There is a way to force the phone into DFU mode but only by doing a restore through iTunes. So either you need to know there are SHSH blobs available, be able to custom firmware restore, or be ok to go to 4.1 (you don't need an unlock).

    Linky: HOW TO: Put The iPhone In DFU Mode And Jailbreak, Even If Your Home Or Power Button Is Broken | FSMdotCOM

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    It's a generic solution, but check out youtube for iphone repair videos, then look on amazon for the replacement parts. My wife had a cracked screen on her 3G. After researching on youtube and buying the part on amazon, I fixed it for $10.

    In the process I saw several youtube videos for other fixes, and I saw all the parts for sell on amazon. You might be able to fix that thing for not too much money.

    Hopefully you didnt pay much more than $20 for it though.

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