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Thread: Just limera1ned how do I cydia to recognize me

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    Default Just limera1ned how do I cydia to recognize me
    I just took my 3.1.2 up to 4.1 then limerained it. My question is cydia used to say I had shsh saved and it "knew" me. Now it says nothing and I don't see how to login
    Also I had mywi paid for and I wanted to buy the mywi update but have no idea how to. Mywi is gonna want the full 20 when the update for previous paid users is only 10.
    Anyone got any pointers for me?

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    Cydia doesn't have the list on the homescreen for me either but it lists all my blobs on TinyUmbrella. I would check that way. I don't know about the Cydia apps but I would assume when you log in to cydia it recognize you. The FAQ says some apps can be used on more than one device and some cant, depends on the developer.

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    The MyWi you bought was an earlier version and the new version is compatible with all future upgrades on IOS 4.xx, you just have to pay another 10 bucks. I was in your situation too, so I paid , now I can upgrade to the latest version. I think this is the last time you have to pay.

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    Yeah I paid the extra 10 it went pretty easy.
    I bumped my firmware up to 4.1 and just getting everything set back up. There used to be a make my life easier thing in cydia. And I did it ages ago. I just want to know how to log back in with cydia so it saves my shsh
    Also my firmware update didn't erase all of those old program folders in my phone and some of them Are for programs I will not reuse. Can I erase them?

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    I hope you didn't use the "update" button in iTunes to move up to 4.1. If so that causes mass issues in addition to losing almost a gig of storage space which will now show up as "other" until you restore. Use tiny umbrella to send your shsh to cydia.

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