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Thread: Fixing broken MMS

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    Default Fixing broken MMS
    I originally jailbroke my phone (4.0.1) using I read an update on the site regarding the facetime and MMS issues but it mentioned that they had been fixed so I went ahead.

    The jailbreak seemed to work fine but I didn't know anybody with an iphone4 so I couldn't test the facetime. A month later a friend of mine and I started exchanging daily photos via his new iphone 3g. I was able to send him pictures via MMS but could not receive them.

    Then just recently my girlfriend bought an iphone 4 and we have been unable to to facetime. In an attempt to fix the issue I restored my phone which updated my iOS to 4.1. Facetime worked fine without restoring a backup so I went ahead and jailbroke again using limera1n. Facetime still worked but no MMS.

    Then I restored back up and Neither worked.

    now I have re-restored to 4.1 and facetime works again still no MMS. So I tried restoring my backup on my now unjailbroken phone, no facetime no mms.

    IS there anyway I can fix my MMS? the only method I have been able to find online involves Restoring to 4.0.1 and re jailbreaking using jailbreakme.

    unfortunately I now have 4.1

    am I just screwed?

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    1. try resetting network settings.
    2. use google to translate this - All News Blog: Commcenter Patch für iOS 4.1-Download

    something about 4.1 and patch network settings...

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    If you have t-mobile, in my experience all I did was add twice. Once in the normal apn spot and again in the first mms field, this is AFTER I downloaded ios4 mms fix for tmobile from cydia, hope this helps. Worked for me, now I'm hoping to get FaceTime operational without paying $8 to mitime....

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    I went into network under settings but I didn't see anywhere to reset so I tried turning everything off (3g, data, etc) and back on. Didn't work.

    I translated and checked out the site, to be honest I couldn't figure out what the file was supposed to be or how it could help me. Maybe some one can explain?

    And as for t-mobile fix, I am with Virgin Mobile in Canada. Don't know if that will make any difference.

    Thanks for the help guys!

    ***EDIT*** 13/10/2010
    Well, if nobody has any solutions should I just try and use the apple warranty claiming the MMS never worked? I hear if you un-JB they can't tell and will honor.
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    Try Settings - General - Reset - Reset network settings.
    Try plugging into Itunes. download 4.1 do a full restore. when itunes opens it will say update carrier settings click on yes.. that may help

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    I tried reseting the networking settings, Still no MMS.

    I tried plugging in to itunes dl 4.1 and doing a full restore it never asked me to update carrier settings, still no MMS -_-

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