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Thread: MMS and FACETIME issues on iPhone4 4.1 JB Limera1n

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    @makao: you have to activate it with the official sim. The activation sim won't help you to activate facetime after purchasing mitime.

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    Ok. and after activating iphone with at&t card do I have to activate facetime too?
    Or can I use my european sim card (with ultrasnow unlock) for that?

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    here's what i did in sequence .

    1-) I was unable to use push, facetime , youtube despite trying a lot of methods so i decided to use my last bullet on mitime's way.

    2-) I am on a supported carrier ,but because i need JB and unlock , i hactivated my device with limera1n , and reports suggest that hactivation breaks certs , i bought a AT&T card (the guy wanted 25 euro for fixing the issue , but sold me the card for 5 euro instead)

    3-) I de-activated with the command string using winscp , and when i got the connect to itunes screen , i put the AT&T sim inside , which activated the phone again (the sim card was a dead one , not connected to any data or voice plan) (Again , it's true that there is no relationship between the sim card (AT&T) ,and the activation of facetime)

    4-) After activation , i realised that push began working , and youtube as well , i tried the facetime switched off and on , waited a little and voila. (my own working simcard was inserted ,AT&T card is only used to activate , nothing else)

    The only thing that i dont know , why cant we change what the AT&T card changes ourselves via software ? maybe pushfix is for that but not updated for 4.1 yet)

    If you are on unofficial carrier , i think you still need to use mitime.

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    To run "plutil" from iPhone you have to install Erica Utilities from Cydia

    Followed the commands, I've put At&T microsim, activated iPhone, put my Wind Carrier Sim, and in Settings when I've activated FaceTime iPhone said "You carrier may charge money for activation..." this means that the Sms activation was sent

    And now, FaceTime is ACTIVE!!!

    Thanks to all, IT WORKS!!!


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    i think the most battery consuming app is "facetime over 3G with a jailbroken ultrasnowed phone"

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    I may have a different issue, but one of my symptoms is the same - facetime refuses to activate.

    I'm in the US with a legit AT&T SIM card, and I did the following:

    1. Bought iphone 4 (4.1). Activated in AT&T store.
    2. Jailbroke with limera1n about a week ago.
    3. Facetime stopped working, but MMS and Youtube work fine.
    4. Tried the method of deactivating over SSH listed on on Mitime, then reactivating via iTunes/AT&T SIM card. No luck.
    5. Tried removing 3G Unrestrictor. No luck.

    However, I'm still stuck at the "waiting for activation" prompt in the settings screen, and cannot get facetime to activate.

    Is there a fix? I'd prefer not to restore to factory firmware and re-jailbreak, but if it's my only option, c'est la vie.

    Thanks all!

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