Hello all,

I am having some difficulties with my jailbreak and would appreciate some help.

I have an iphone 4 which came with 4.0.1 I jailbroke my phone in augest using jailbreakme.com. I had heard about the issues concerning Facetime and MMS but those had all ready been fixed supposedly. However I didn't know anybody else with an iphone 4 so I could never test it. Then this week my girlfriend got an iphone4 which is not jailbroken. We quickly discovered that facetime was not working on my device. Also I discovered that I could not receive pictures via mms. So I looked online and tried various fixes but none of them seemed to work. So i restored my phone which updated the ios to 4.1. This seemed to fix the facetime issues so i assumed the mms problem was also fixed. So I again jailbroke the phone using limera1n. The break went smoothly facetime even worked, however I was unable to send or receive mms pictures. I tried everything (updating cydia, mms'ing myself, and other 'fixes') still nothing worked.

then just because I hadn't yet, I restored my old back up to get all of my apps and contacts back. Now I can't facetime or mms.

Now I really don't know what to do... I want to try and restore my phone again to get the facetime & mms working without jailbreak. But im nervous because on jailbreakmatrix.com (on the page where they give directions how to use limera1n) under update#3 it says not to run the jailbreak twice. I don't want to ruin my phone.

I've also heard that the MMS issue cant be fixed unless the phone is jailbroken (i never did confirm mms was working when I restored, just FT), so I don't want to undo my jailbreak in case I cant jailbreak it again.

Help would be greatly appreciated, I am all ready so frustrated. Yesterday some guy bumped me while running for the bus and knocked the phone from my hand shattering the back panel. I've just moved across the country away from all my friends and family, I just want to be able to share pics with them and see my niece on facetime. So frustrated I could cry, please help!


(I am new here and didn't really read any rules, I'm just so desperate for help. I hope I'm not mis-posting, rule-breaking or any other such annoyance)