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Thread: Back them SHSHs up Maybe 4.1.1

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    Default Back them SHSHs up Maybe 4.1.1
    This just in.
    There is an alarm clock bug in 4.1.1 and im sure apple want to fix the limera1n patch so Back up them SHSH
    as 4.1.1 Maybe be here as soon as thurdays (some say next week some sites say this thursday)

    I think this is apple playing with the dev team.... they will launch 4.1.1 and patch geohots limera1n then Greenposi0n will come out using there. then they will Launch 4.2 and patch them both up. This is my thoughts anyway...
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    I think they will patch it up but with no baseband change.

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    Wouldn't the guys save Greenpois0n for 4.2 rather than a small update like 4.1.1?

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    Hope so but 4.2 isnt in Gold master yet so will take time... they said Nov but you know apple could be Dec. still waiting for the white iphone 4 to come out...

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    Limera1n uses a bootrom level exploit, they can't patch it through a software update. They need to modify the hardware (ie. modification in the production stage of the iPhone) in order to patch it, however all devices released to date can be jailbroken using its exploit.
    What they CAN patch is the untethered aspect of the exploit, as that takes place at the userland level (which is patchable via a software update).

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