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Thread: 3GS Jailbreak Help needed for 4.1

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    Smile 3GS Jailbreak Help needed for 4.1
    I have a 3GS with the following:

    From Forecast V1.2 by iH8sn0w:
    BASEBAND: 051304
    MODEL: MB715
    BOOTROM 359.3
    SOFTWARE: 4.0.1
    Jailbreakable? Yes(with jailbreakme)
    Unlockable? Yes

    I want to upgrade this to 4.1. I am aware of Sn0wbreeze 2.0.2, but the phone must already be jailbroken to use the program. I also know of Limera1n that was released today, but am reading that it won't unlock the phone and possibly ultrasn0w isn't working with 4.1 yet.

    I believe phone has not been jailbroken and is stuck at the emergency screen. When connected to Itunes the phone is recognized as being on 4.0.1, but displays the following error in the summary screen:

    "Itunes cannot read the contents of the Iphone "Iphone". Go to the summary tab in Iphone preferences and click restore to restore this Iphone to factory settings."

    So what are my options? Do I have to do a restore in Itunes 1st since phone has not been previously jailbroken or is there another way to proceed?

    I apologize for being so long-winded, but I have not been able to get any straight answers on how to move forward.

    Please PM me with any helpful solutions.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You need to activate the phone first. You'll have to get an original carrier sim or use the phone book sim method. Once activated:

    1. Jailbreak with
    2. Run jbme2pwn from woowiz repo
    3. Use snowbreeze to create a 4.1 custom firmware and shift+restore with it.

    If you go to stock 4.1 you are correct you won't be able to unlock at present.

    Your only problem is therefore activation.

    AH!, didn't read your post thoroughly, I see you need to do a restore too....

    Did you try it on a different computer?
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    Yes, I did and the same error still comes up. So, being stuck at emergency screen on phone and getting the error in Itunes, how do I proceed?

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    Possibly upgrade with tiny umbrella? That "should" preserve the baseband and then you can use limera1n.

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    Upgrade with Tinyumbrella preserving baseband only works for iPhone 4

    Unless you've got SHSH on file you're going to have to go to 4.1 and await an unlock to be released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by westonben View Post
    Upgrade with Tinyumbrella preserving baseband only works for iPhone 4

    Unless you've got SHSH on file you're going to have to go to 4.1 and await an unlock to be released.
    Oh, sorry for any confusion. Wasn't sure about that xD

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    Does tinyumbrella recognise the phone? Double check you've not got any SHSH files on store.

    You're out of luck I think.

    You will have to upgrade to 4.1 when you restore and though you can jailbreak, you won't be able to unlock till a new tool comes out.

    Last ditch efforts:
    Try a different USB lead
    Try changing mac/pc
    Let the battery drain
    Try a custom firmware from snowbreeze to 4.1

    When 3.1.3 came out there was a technique used to stop the baseband getting updated, by pulling the USB out at a certain point during a stock restore. Research and see if it's possible?
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